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KART4LIFE 2022 - 12hrs of Yorkshire!

On Tuesday evening 82 drivers from across the country descended upon Leeds, suited up and took to the track for a mind boggling 12-hour non-stop endurance karting race, in aid of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity.
KART4LIFE has grown in popularity year on year, so following our third annual staff and public events we decided to launch the BIG one : 12 Hours of YORKSHIRE. This event is designed to push the best on track to their limits and raise money and awareness in the community for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity.
39 hours awake - 16 hours 22 minutes at the track & 5hrs+ racing later, I can confirm it pushed me to my limits!
The top 5 positions were as follows:
1) PorscheSport
2) Muggles
3) We Are Human
4) Slightly Underwhelming
5) Bradford Bandits
Muggles 'secret weapon' Blake claimed the Saxby Fastest Lap Award with the event’s fastest lap early in the event.
The Bradford Bandits proved yet again that they are the fastest drivers in YAS with a valiant effort, battling their way into the top 5 against seasoned pros, bravo!

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