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KART4LIFE 2022 - Open to All

KART4LIFE 2022 – Public Event

15 teams: a mixture of ambulance service staff, amateur karters & some of the country’s finest racers descended upon Leeds for our 2nd 3-hour 30 min endurance karting race in the space of a week.

Porsche Sport starting third, launched off the line and sent it into turn one, exiting the corner in the lead. As the drivers completed their first laps and got more accustomed to the track, the variance in experience was clear. The karts began to spread out and the leading teams streaked clear. Last week’s victors and the ambulance service’s finest, the Bradford Bandits fought like hell, with grit and determination but couldn’t match the pace or impressive consistency of Porsche Sport. Robert Downshift Junior & Crash Bandaged Coot Racing were in the mix with the Bandits for whole race with the prior securing the final podium place.

Ultimately Porsche Sport were in a league of their own pace wise and ran away with the race, very much like watching F1 at times!

A special mention goes to team Super Medi-Karts MK III, and their lead driver Shaun. In the lead up to this event Shaun suffered a personal loss which hit him incredibly hard. Regardless, Shaun was determined to take part and despite losing a driver merely an hour before lights out, this trio completed the race and came home a respectable 11th. These three lads deserve a lot of respect and I applaud them (Huge respect for doing a Shoey at the end too).

#KART4LIFE – raising money and awareness for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity.

The top 5 positions were as follows:
1) Porsche Sport
2) Bradford Bandits
3) Robert Downshift Junior
4) Crash Bandaged Coot Racing
5) Red Squadron

Porsche Sports also claimed the plaudits for the event’s fastest lap with a 39.532!

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