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#KART4LIFE 2022 - Petit Le Mans

On a very misty Tuesday morning the KART4LIFE team crossed the Pennines and alongside racers from across the nation, descended upon Warrington, for a back-breaking 10 hour non-stop endurance karting race, in aid of the AndysManClub charity.

During our previous event, the hugely popular 12 Hours of Yorkshire, there were numerous discussions between teams about which indoor karting track was the most brutal to endure. The consensus was that it was between Leeds and Warrington and so naturally it only felt right that we set up an appropriate challenge.

Petit Le Mans - A 10 Hour Team Endurance Race

This event was designed to push the best drivers on track to their limits and raise money and awareness in the community for the men's mental health support network and charity AndysManClub

The top 5 positions were as follows:

1) TRX Racing

2) BTMAJ Underdogs

3) Alpha Castello

4) Vanquish

5) TSK Leeds

Olly Bailey was a last minute addition to the grid and swiftly secured the Fastest Lap Award with the event’s fastest lap of 57.930 early in the race.

Throughout the 10 hours of racing it was tantalisingly close at the front of the pack with 4-5 teams in contention for a podium place, and the lead changing hands multiple times. Throughout the final 2 hours BTMAJ Underdogs and TRX Racing were trading laps and racing within tenth of each other on track. Ultimately TRX pulled clear and took the chequered flag!

The Bradford Bandits proved yet again that they are the fastest drivers in the Yorkshire Ambulance Service with another valiant effort, finishing comfortably in the top ten.

A huge thank you to all that took part and donated, KART4LIFE events are not for the faint of heart and this one proved to be very physically demanding.

Every single one of you that took part collectively made it a fantastic event and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support.

Photo’s/videos will be posted on in the coming days, if you have any that you wish to share, please drop me an email.

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